September 15-16: St. Francis HS Garcia Invite

Dougherty Valley did amazingly at another season opener!! We came home with plenty of beautiful photos, shiny trophies, and fond memories.


Rahul and Rohit: Semis in PF!

Gabe and Srisai: Semis in PF!

Tanaya and Shaheer: Quarters in Pf

Saad and Shreyas: Quarters in PF

Jeevan and Pujitha: Octos in PF

Andy and Megha: Octos in PF


Arya Goel: Octos in LD

Isha Lamba: Octos in LD

Sonal Sharma: Octos in LD


Anish and Kabir: 2ND PLACE in Policy!!!

Shray and Shravan: Quarters in Policy

Vikram and Mishka: Quarters in Policy

Brandon and Pooja: Quarters in Policy

Speaker Awards:

Kabir Dubey: 2nd Speaker in Policy

Anish Maram: 4th Speaker in Policy

Isha Lamba: 4th Speaker in LD

Sonal Sharma: 9th Speaker in LD

Gabe Lee: 1st Speaker in PF

Saad Jamal: 2nd Speaker in PF

Rohit Srinivas: 3rd Speaker in PF

Shreyas Kiran: 4th Speaker in PF

Shaheer Sandhu: 5th Speaker in PF

Rahul Kaparaboyna: 6th Speaker in PF

DVHS Forensics