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2018 -2019 DVHS Tournament Calendar

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September 7-9 - Loyola Invitational at Los Angeles (LD)
September 15–16 - Garcia Invitational at St. Francis HS (Varsity PF/Varsity Policy)
September 15-16 - Parli Warm Up at Notre Dame HS San Jose
September 22-24 - Jack Howe Invitational at Long Beach State(LD/Policy/Cong/PuFO BID)
September 29 – Congress 1 + Coaches Meeting at Miramonte HS
September 29-30 – Milpitas Invitational (PuFo BID) at Milpitas

October 6 – Debate 1 (PuFo, LD, Policy)
October 6-8 – Presentation Invitational LD/PF – Presentation HS -(BID)
October 20 – IE1 at James Logan HS
October 26-28 - UOP (Jon Schamber High School Forensics Tournament)

November 2-4 - MinneApple Tournament - Minnesota (PF/LD/CONGRESS BID)
November 3 - Parli 2 and Congress 2 at Monte Vista HS
November 10-11- National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley
November 10-11 – Presentation Public Forum Invitational - Novice Only
November 11 – LD/PF/Policy 2 at Diablo Valley College
November 30-December 2 - La Costa Canyon HS Invite at San Diego (PF, PARLI, POL)
December 1 – IE2 at Sonoma Valley HS
December 15-16 - College Prep LD Invitational - Oakland

January 3-6 – ASU Invite (Phoenix) Extemp/Congress/PF/Policy BID)
January 12 - LD/Parli 3 at City College San Francisco
January 12-14 - Peninsula Invitational - Los Angeles, CA (ALL EVENTS)
January 19-21 - Harvard-Westlake LD Tournament - Los Angeles (LD ONLY) BID
January 26 – Policy3/PuFo3/Congress3 + Coaches Meeting at TBA - San Marin

February 1-4 – Golden Desert (Las Vegas, NV) POL/PuFo/LD BID
February 3 - IE3 at Lowell HS
February 9-11 – Stanford Invitational (BID)
February 16-18 – Berkeley Invitational (BID)

March 2-3 – State Quals IE/DEBATE at James Logan HS (Union City)
March 9-10 – BAUDL Western Novice Championships
March 15-16 – NAT Quals Debate/Congress at Albany HS
March 16 - Parli Invitational at Berkeley HS
March 23 – Nat Quals IE at Lowell HS

April 13 - 15 - National Debate Coaches Association Tournament (NDCA) - Chicago
April 25- 29 – Tournament of Champions (University of Kentucky)

May 2-5 – CHSSA State Championships at Long Beach State University
May 2019 – GGSA Novice Tournament at College Prep School + Coaches Meeting

June 14-22 – National Speech and Debate Association Nationals (Dallas, TX)

Overnight Trips Highlighted
Note: GGSA and San Fran Bay NSDA District tournaments shown in bold-face type; other tournament dates are based upon best available information but may be subject to change