Debate Events

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate

Lincoln Douglas is a preparation intensive, value based debate. Every two months we receive a resolution which proposes some value statement that requires one to weigh between and evaluate various moral systems. LD teaches students to think critically and evaluate the world around them. Examples of past resolutions are "Rehabilitation ought to be valued above retribution in the United States criminal justice system" and "The United States is justified in using private military firms abroad to pursue its military objectives." LD might seem somewhat daunting at first, but for those who stick with it, the rewards are great. NOTE: We will not be teaching LD at the novice level this year. There will only be a varsity LD team consisting of 16 members.

LD Captain: Kabir Dubey (12th) -

LD Meetings: Monday and Friday in 9107

Policy Debate

Policy debate is primarily focused on discussions of policies and laws that the United States federal government should pass. Though it has a reputation for being a difficult event, policy has a lot of room for creativity once one has a grasp of the basics, examples being playing music as an argument or providing evidence in the from of spoken word poetry. It requires a lot of quick thinking on the fly, helping to develop critical thinking skills that are necessary in all areas of life. Contrary to other debate events, the topic that we debate, or resolution, stays constant the entire school year, and this year it will be: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States. If you are interested in pressing issues such as arms sales and contemporary societal/economic/political problems, policy debate could be right for you! 

Policy Captain: Anurag Rao (12th) -

Policy Lieutenant Captain: Anish Maram (12th) -

Policy Meetings: Wednesday and Friday in Rm. 9102

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Congressional Debate


Congressional Debate seamlessly merges both speech and debate. Modeled on our very own Congress, competitors prepare 3 minute speeches to either affirm (pass) or negate (fail) a bill on a wide variety of topics, from the minimum wage to the Syrian refugee crisis. The debating aspect comes in the one minute cross-examination period after each speech. Congress is a great event to gain a comprehensive understanding of a myriad of domestic and international issues, as well as gain speaking skills and argumentative strategies.

Captain: Arshia Mehta (12th) -

Lieutenant Captain: Divya Mehrotra (11th) -

Meetings: Monday Meeting in 1203 and Friday Meeting in 2201

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Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary Debate is a partner debate event which emphasizes knowledge of current events and the ability to create well-organized and convincing arguments quickly. It is unique among debate events in that it is the only event in which debaters have a different topic each round.  Participants have 20 minutes to prepare arguments on a resolution, using their own prior knowledge or other resources they have gathered. Topics vary from domestic to international issues, and can be on government policies, moral or philosophical issues, and much more.  The debate is structured with four 7-minute constructive speeches given on each side, followed by two 5-minute rebuttal speeches.  

Captain: Chilsea Wang (12th) -

Lieutenant: Michael Finessey (12th) -

Meetings: Tuesday (Rm. 1112) & Wednesday (Rm. 1117) & Friday (JV/Novice only. Discord)

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Public Forum Debate

Public Forum is a two-person debate form. Over the years, Public Forum has evolved into an event that requires proficiency in appeal, well-constructed presentation styles, and advanced debate mechanics to be successful. Teams will debate resolutions that are released on a monthly basis. Typically, these resolutions are heavily centric on either United States domestic or foreign policy, in which teams will debate their merits and/or reasons for the policy’s implementation. The activity time culminates in approximately 35 minutes of total activity time. The pro traditionally speaks first and the con speaks second.  

Prep Leader: Vivian Kuang (12th) -

Lieutenant Captain: Rohit Srinivas (12th) - & Riya Bindlish (12th) -

Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays (9110)

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