Kavin Kumaravel (12th) - kaviny11@gmail.com

Primary Event: Lincoln-Douglas

The president handles all club related matters. This includes tasks such as leading Full Club Meetings, managing club-wide events like Winter Party and Phraseology, as well as helping students join the club. This position also serves as the head of all event captains.

External Vice President

Riya Bindlish (12th) - rbindlish.29@gmail.com

Primary Event: Public Forum

The external vice president handles all external affairs of the club, including being one of the directors of the Middle School Bridge program. They also assist the president in handling various club-related matters.

Internal Vice President

Vivian Kuang (12th) - vivikuang8052@gmail.com

Primary Event: Public Forum

The internal vice president is the student director of the team and the chief advocate for team-related grievances or concerns. They also help the program director facilitate day-to-day activities with the leadership team. This position is also referred to as Ms. Readye’s “second brain.”



Jasmine Agarwal (11th) - jasmineaggarwal07@gmail.com

Primary Event: Congress

The treasurer handles all finance related matters. They lead the membership donation campaign and ensure club expenses are adequately handled.


Executive Assistant

Kabir Dubey (12th) -


The Executive Assistant manages at large members and leadership volunteers. They also oversee special projects such as website management, Wildcat Classic and Phraseology. As a student advocate between program director and club members, this position also reviews bylaw changes and facilitates club meetings.

Public Relations

Joyce Wu (12th) - wujoy707@gmail.com

Primary Event: Extemporaneous Speaking

The public relations officer handles the marketing and promotion of the club. This includes tasks such as creating flyers, designing merchandise, as well as maintaining connections with parents through the publication of the newsletter.


Rohit Srinivas (12th) - rohit.srinivas2@gmail.com

Primary Event: Public Forum

The secretary handles many administrative tasks such as taking minutes of all Leadership meetings as well as being the main facilitator of tournament sign-up forms.