Interpretation an event in which the competitor interprets a selection from a dramatic/humorous theatrical script. A single competitor plays several parts, which are differentiated using "pops" or transitions between various positions and voices, each representing a different character. During the camp, we will be finding scripts, learning about the cutting process, and finally the interpretation performance.

In Prepared Speech, the competitor prepares an original ten-minute informative or persuasive speech on a topic of his/her choosing, and often times, a speaker may only use one speech for the entire season. Prepared Speech is divided into different sub-events, and while each sub-event has its own nuances, they all require the use of effective hand gestures and a full range of vocal delivery. As this year's captain, I expect all competitors to work on improving not only their public speaking skills, but also their writing skills, as they first learn to brainstorm potential topics for the year and then draft a speech

Interp Captain: Priya Rajkumar (12th) - priyarajkumar4@gmail.com

Prep Speech Captain: Puja Oak (12th) - pujaoak1145@gmail.com

Prep Speech/Interp Lieutenant Captain: Shannon Zheng (12th) - shannon.zheng01@gmail.com

Meetings: Monday (9107 - Mr. Liddle’s Room) & Fridays (1118)


Impromptu is a limited prep speech event. Competitors are given 2 minutes to prepare for a 5 minute speech on a wide variety of topics, including concrete/abstract nouns, current events, and quotes. Examples used in speeches include books, novels, current events, movies, inspirational people, etc. Speakers are evaluated on fluency, connection to audience, and structure. 

Captain: Meera Bathwal (12th) - meerabathwal@gmail.com

Captain: Sanjana Kotha (12th) - sanjana711@gmail.com

Meetings: Mondays (4208) and Wednesdays (1214)

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In Extemporaneous Speech, competitors are given 30 minutes to prepare a seven minute speech on a current events topic. Using your research and original analysis, competitors are expected to craft an informative, persuasive, and engaging speech. While Extemp is a limited prep event, a successful competitor follows the news, researches topics regularly, and practices extensively. This year, We plan on working closely with students to help develop public speaking and analysis skills.                              

Captains: Sanjana Ranganathan (11th) - thisissanji@gmail.com

JV Captain: Khushi Whadhwa (12th) - k9wadhwa@gmail.com

Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays (Rm. 9108)

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