Interpretation an event in which the competitor interprets a selection from a dramatic/humorous theatrical script. A single competitor plays several parts, which are differentiated using "pops" or transitions between various positions and voices, each representing a different character. During the camp, we will be finding scripts, learning about the cutting process, and finally the interpretation performance.

In Prepared Speech, the competitor prepares an original ten-minute informative or persuasive speech on a topic of his/her choosing, and often times, a speaker may only use one speech for the entire season. Prepared Speech is divided into different sub-events, and while each sub-event has its own nuances, they all require the use of effective hand gestures and a full range of vocal delivery.

Interp Captain:

Prep Speech Captain: Puja Oak (12th) - pujaoak1145@gmail.com

Prep Speech/Interp Lieutenant Captain: Shannon Zheng (12th) - shannon.zheng01@gmail.com

Meetings: Monday (Rm. 1112) & Fridays (Rm. 1217)


Impromptu is a limited prep speech event. Competitors are given 2 minutes to prepare for a 5 minute speech on a wide variety of topics, including concrete/abstract nouns, current events, and quotes. Examples used in speeches include books, novels, current events, movies, inspirational people, etc. Speakers are evaluated on fluency, connection to audience, and structure. 

Captain: Meera Bathwal (12th) - meerabathwal@gmail.com

Captain: Sanjana Kotha (12th) - sanjana711@gmail.com

Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays in Rm. 1214

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In Extemporaneous Speech, competitors are given 30 minutes to prepare a seven minute speech on a current events topic. Using your research and original analysis, competitors are expected to craft an informative, persuasive, and engaging speech. While Extemp is a limited prep event, a successful competitor follows the news, researches topics regularly, and practices extensively.

Captains: Sanjana Ranganathan (11th) - thisissanji@gmail.com

JV Captain: Khushi Whadhwa (12th) - k9wadhwa@gmail.com

Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays (Rm. 9108)

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